Email Policy

With the deluge of emails that we're drowning in, as well as movements like the email charter I've taken a firm stance in managing my emails in the following manner:

I approach my emails using the GTD philosophy.
If I can answer (take care of it) in under two minutes, I'll do so immediately. If not, it becomes an item on my TODO list. If you send me an email that will take
longer that two minutes to respond to, expect a delay in response.

I will only read and respond to emails within a one hour window (at most) per day.
This means my client connects to the mail server, syncs, and goes off-line. I will then work my way through my inbox responding, and creating TODO items. Each email that I handle is archived, and so removed from my Inbox. At the end of the hour, I sync my email again -- and I close my email client. Depending on load, I may to this twice during the course of the day, but for no more than one hour.

If an email will take more than two minutes, my TODO list will remind me to write a response. This will either happen today (because my inbox was easy to work through, and my hour is not up), or tomorrow. If your email requires more time, I will send a response explaining that I will get to you soon.

I find this approach acceptable, and do not mind if others employ similar techniques to manage their lives.